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Hello everyone, I'am a new member on cgtrader and also is my first time selling models. Thats why I pretty much valuate someones opinios obout my first two models:

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Posted 7 months ago

Very nice looking models. The scan data version of the bowl has a massive number of triangles, but it has captured the detail well and your retopology looks very clean and well done. The textures, materials, and preview renders are also very good (that's an important, and often overlooked aspect of selling the products too).

Stick with it and keep at it. It may take some time to get your first sale, but keep working at it and keep your quality high and eventually, you will get noticed. I also like the fact that you seem to have chosen a niche market. That's a very good idea. I don't know how popular that particular niche category is, but I'm sure the folks looking for antique, real world objects will find your models very satisfying. Good luck and welcome.

Posted 7 months ago

Well done and looks realistic! Upload new models! Good luck with sales!

Posted 7 months ago

Great realistic look of your models. And wonderful pottery designs.

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