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Hi to everyone!

New to cgtrader, i have question.

I am dealing with a customer who buy 3d model, downloads it twice and then ask for refund.

This is what he/she wrote.

I would like to know how to proceed with a refund for this model. While I know it's a low poly, the model being a low poly is very bad in itself and theres literally no details at all on the model except while using textures. I was hoping that the momdel would include at least a minimum amount of details, but it is barely just a simple shape of the car, and I am VERY not happy for the $40 I paid. That being said, I would like a full refund of this.

My reply: Please ask for refund. Evereything is perfectly clear. Model is lowpoly, with very low polycount. Wireframe renders are there, texture grab is there, polycount is there.

Then he/she reply: I am not sure how this helps me. First of all, I have no idea what you said here, it's very unclear. your low poly work is too low poly for the price it is and I immediately regretted purchasing it, and wrote back that I want a refund. The model is low poly, yes, but it's absolutely unusable. Wireframe renders are there too but too bad, too messy to even begin to use. The window frames are terrible, and very messy. I am asking for a refund because I am not happy with the quality of this work. And I expect a refund. I escalated this issue to my legal advisor for further actions if the refund is denied, and I am now also raising this to my bank to let them know that a refund is being refused. Very unhappy, and this last email from you after having waited is very unhelpful and disappointing.

My reply to this: As I said. Please ask for refund

Than he/she gives negative rating, without even contact cgtrader support.

Model in question:

So my question is, is this some kind of scam. Or im doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Posted 25 days ago

Your model's description looks pretty decent. All the info is there and renders are clear and easy to understand. Customer is entitled to ask for refund if the model on his end looks significantly different than in your renders. Your described situation looks to me like a simple scam attempt. Being you, i would contact support myself and would ask to remove negative rating, as being unreasonble.

Good luck!

Posted 25 days ago

Posted 25 days ago

LemonadeCG, IndieArt, thank you very much for the answer / mind, the 3d model is exactly the same in the given files and description on cgtrader. Make it really basic because I do not want to hide the right product behind some fancy effect. When I read the email I thought "What a ..." thats the reason why I published this topic. I will contact support and will see from there.

Thank you one more time.

Posted 24 days ago

cgtrader has decided to refund, without any explanation. Customer downloaded model 2 times and they dont say a thing about that, so it is posible that model will show somewere on warez sites etc. So that's it it Il be leaving cgtrader for good.

Posted 24 days ago

What a shame, at very least they should contact you and explain their resonings for refund.

Posted 22 days ago

just looking at my models sales I´ve noticed a refund, but I never heard anything about before.
So I think CGT policy is to refund more or less automatically if the customer ask for it, sites like Amazon do the same, you don´t need to explain anything just ask for a refund .
This said, it all looks like a scam, one more of the dangers we live in.

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