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I noticed that there are a lot of buyers who have little no no 3D experience. These buyers purchase models for the company they work for and base their decision on

the product guidelines their boss gives them or if they are the boss of the company based on their artists advice.

These buyers can easily get frustrated and rightly so when they buy a 3D model, download it to their desktop, open it in the software of their preference and it does not work perfectly.

Sometimes the textures fail to show up, the normals on the models are reversed, there are strange polygonal abnormalities that did not show up in the renders etc...

These buyers are likely to rate sellers negatively and rightly so because they expect things to work perfectly.

As artists though we all know that setting up bullet proof models that perform like that is really hard and time consuming. Making sure that all the textures are named correctly and setup in the appropriate folders so that they not only work on your computer when you are building them but then will also work straight out of the box on another one can be a process, one that many don't even know how to do.

Maybe there should be a section dedicated to these perfect bullet proof models so that these buyers who need a product to work perfectly can just search in a specific location.


Posted almost 4 years ago

There are already a lot of informations the seller can give to the buyer. If something is not right, the buyer can contact the seller. I don't think it's really necessary, since it's both buyer and seller responsability, not CGTrader's.

miaomiao3d wrote
A negative rating does not help the buyer or the seller but if the seller knows what is wrong with the model they can fix it and then the buyer can put in a good comment afterwards. In the end all that matters is that at the end of the transaction both the buyer and seller are happy.
Posted almost 4 years ago

You are right noisychain however if you take a look at the forums there are a lot of sellers complaining about buyers giving them negative reviews on their models.

That is the only reason I mentioned this. Else maybe there should be an automated questionnaire setup so that before the buyer can rate negatively they have to insert a comment.

Example: I buy a chair model, then I download it to my computer and it does not work. If that point I want to rate it negatively when I press the heart button a popup shows up. In the popup is says please explain what did not work with the model.

If the buyer writes constructive criticism like, the texture did not work, Problem opening the file, wrong format etc... Then the message goes to support. If problem is not fixed within 48 hours then their negative review goes through so the next buyer can see what the problem was. Some buyer won't care because they can fix something like that easily but other will care.

peter112 wrote
this is how i have to work i totally agree with this way of rating you get the change to fix things if necessary that will puss the seller to work harder to make good objects-:)
noisychain wrote
If the textures don't load, it's the seller fault. If the seller test the product before launch it, things like this wouldn't happen. I admit that the buyer should search for support more times, but some of them are too busy or too stressed for this.
I agree with you hope this feature available soon
Posted almost 4 years ago

That's right peter112! I agree with you it would push the seller to improve without causing harm to their rating.

Noisychain, only in the art business people would attack the buyer for not knowing what to do with the product they ordered. In every other industry and business we always start from : (The client or buyer is always right).

The reason for this is that cash is king, it is a buyer's market and in the end if the buyer is not happy we loose money.

So it does not really matter if the buyer or our client is complaining. We have to make sure they get what they want or give them a full refund so they can get what they want somewhere else.

These are the basics of all business and really should be taught in art schools.

Honestly this is also why artists have such a bad reputation in business.

If we do not accommodate the clients the way they expect us to they will just put their money somewhere else.

Just basic economics, business strategy and why art is not a very profitable industry and most art schools should be shut down for not teaching this.

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