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I published a model octopus yesterday. I can see my model clearly if I search for it and apply newest to the filter, but otherwise the model does not show up in the entire search results pages. I'm curious when I will simply be able to see my model in the unfiltered search results because it seems like until then, no one will see it. Please advise.

Thanks for help, James


Posted about 2 months ago

For a model to appear in top of the search results, it must be popular, e.g. have a lot of likes and views.

shamesgerard wrote
Hi, I'm really just concerned that no one at all can see it when they do a normal search for it even at the end of the results. At this point a search for octopus with no other filters does not include my model in any search results.
Posted about 2 months ago

AFAIK CGT did not give any information how the search engine works.
Everything from our part is just a guesswork.

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