My Stylized Bedroom.

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Hi to all hope you guys can still remember my stylized bedroom. It was $10 but I have brought it down to $5 as I really hope it gets sales.

You guys have been such great help!

Here is the link:


Posted 3 months ago

friend, how much money will you get if you sell something as low as 5 $, such actions lead to everyone reducing their price, people will even doubt the quality of your work, there is no rule that stops you from lowering your prices, but i would suggest you go and look at other artists work, see how they price their work.

work smarter and good luck!

JordanNel wrote
Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it's very hard to get sales so I hoped that lowering the price would maybe get me sales but its the opposite
Posted 3 months ago

Was wondering how much you would have priced it

ultra-in-order wrote
i can't answer that, you know how much time and effort it took you to produce it, you are pricing your work no the model, if you feel like all your effort was worth 5 $, then keep it like it is, if you don't then increase it. this is the simplest formula to price anything, i personally would rather not getting sales than selling my work dirt cheap, anything you produce will eventually be stolen, try to maximize your gain while being realistic. you will never get a 100 sales for your model, there is just too many other artists and other models, lowering your price is the worst strategy to gain any worth while passive income. stop rushing things, it's highly unlikely you will sell any model fast, it takes a lot of time
Posted 3 months ago

Scene is good, personally i like it, but there is a few things that will reduce number of sales. First thing is the price, as soon as someone who is regular customer here see, let's say a complex scene for 2, 3, 4, 5$ he/she instantly avoid that because there is a big possibility that model were stolen, and that person who is selling it isn't real author and that's the reason why it's cheap. Second there is no wireframe renders, you should provide those in the best way possible, best way mean clear wireframe renders so that customer can 100% see how scene/models are constructed (i know couple of people who gave up shopping because seller couldn't or wouldn't provide it), render out multiple of those if needed, i think that cgt should made this mandatory. Next, try rendering scene with different lighting, different layout wich will show, let's say, modular nature of the scene. The more purpose in which your scene can be used the better chances for sale. The last thing "Was wondering how much you would have priced it". No one besides you can tell you how your model should be priced, the only right thing to do when it comes to pricing is to appreciate your work, appreciate your own work and other will apreciate also.

Posted 3 months ago

Thank you THANK you Thank you so much such great help

Posted 3 months ago

Who ever reads please notice that I have changed the price so it is not been brought down to $5

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