My models tab views dont match with the actual model page

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This has been happening for some time for example one of my models have 15 views but when I see the actual page is lower, i was thinking that it was because of me, like when I checked how the model is going and it counted as a view but I have seen how the views in the model tab keep increasing same as the likes and whhen I see the actual page its like 5 views, but I just check em twice does that, mean that my model has lower views than the ones showing in the model tab or is just a bug?


Posted about 1 month ago

The number you see under "My Models" is the correct number.

When you publish something the system needs some time to process and store its data.
The number of views your item gets over this timeframe will be the "initial" number and it gets increased by 5 after that.

Maybe CGT aspires to get an episode in Stranger Things.

Posted about 1 month ago

Nobody knows what is correct number, probably not even cgtrader staff themselves. It is the fact that the site is hopelessly broken and it's not clear if it'll ever be fixed. I have been gathering my performance stats here for more than 6 years, but the more data i get, the less sense it makes to me. Sometimes i get impression that cgtrader is generating stats almost randomly, i mean it can't be true when weekly model views suddenly increases, or decreases up to tenfold, but all other stats remains largely unchanged. I learned that you can't trust the numbers that cgtrader is showing to you, but i still keep gathering stats out of the habit.

Posted about 1 month ago

BTW, i remember some years ago, when you published new model and shared it on social media via provided buttons, cgtrader would instantly added like 50-60 views to that model, so yeah, they are no strangers to tampering with stats.

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