My model was stolen by user leostation7

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I am really happy to be the seller here, but not long time ago one user bought my model and he also payed the money. But later this payment was refused because of this: Payment reversal - no cardholder authorization. The support answered me that they are already work with this kind of problems. I just want to say if you are seller and if that user ( leostation7 ) buy your model, may be you can remove some of necessary files before he will download this. I am not sure that he doesn't change the profile, of course...This is a new but already popular scheme, hope that this will not happen again and all sellers will be safe.


Posted 26 days ago

Ah.. fraudelent transaction. This is an old scheme and to this day no one done anything to prevent this. Your model is probaly already found a way to some crappy warez site. I wouldn't be suprised if that models shows up here for sale. Cgt should done something to prevent this, at least they can check if credit card is stolen during payment agreement. They should increase the time needed for payment agreement so they can thoroughly check information and prevent those kind of stuff.

ruthenium44 wrote
Yes, I think you are right...And I hope that they will do something with that.
Posted 26 days ago

Yes. I have this case every month. they downloaded my model but ended up getting a refund for the same reason you mentioned.

ruthenium44 wrote
This is really sad! I believe that it will be changed!
Posted 14 days ago


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