Modeles Suspended? Why?

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Why are my models suspended? I can prove that these are my models! I record my work on video and only upload what I created with my own hands! That harms my business!


Posted 3 months ago

I had one of my weapons suspended when the 3D-printable change went into effect it was due to a user had used the "Request free file format conversion" feature to request a .stl file a few years back and since it's done by the CGTrader team I wasn't even aware of it until it got suspended. Maybe same thing happened here?

Posted 3 months ago

And there are still many weapon models with 3D print file formats on CGTrader!

Posted 2 months ago

The problem got solved :)

Posted 3 months ago

Smith and Wesson Gun Model Work in Progress (21.06.2011 – 26.06.2011)

Posted 3 months ago

Most likely related to this message CGT sent some time ago:

"We have recently updated our content policy regarding 3D printable models of guns. These changes have been implemented to address societal concerns and regulatory changes.
CGTrader is no longer permitting 3D printable models which are replicas or realistic depictions of guns or other firearms on our marketplace.
We have reviewed all 3D assets and have suspended those matching this criteria. Please keep this content policy change in mind when you upload new 3D assets to your portfolio on CGTrader.
If any of your 3D models of guns affected by this update can be used for other purposes in addition to 3D printing, please remove all 3D printing file formats from the 3D models’ archive and reupload them. "

3DHaupt wrote
Thanks, but my gun models are not 3d-printable :( and three are just sci-fi!
trimitek wrote
It's probably best to ask support.

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