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Hi everyone. I am in an unpleasant situation. I created two models for the two-gun video games but I find them both Suspended. I knew that the guns to be printed were forbidden but what about video games? I do not understand. how can I safely put them on sale? thanks


Posted about 1 month ago

You need to contact with CGT support. I had similar issues (some of my "weapon" models were suspended. Support team solved my problems. They said something like "models were suspended due to some hashtags automatically" and after short inspection they returned those models to my store.

Posted about 1 month ago

And the cherry on the top of cake: while innocent models still going to "anti-weapons ban", some fraudsters are uploading hundreds of models per week with detailed weapons assemlies (i reported it to support during last weekend but models and fake designer still alive)

skapricorn wrote
p.s. and the CGT's homepage shows few weeks the PBR's with gun parts. I'm not against weapon models at all (printables or any other models, whatever...) BUT when CGT suspends jewelry or models for games and explains it like "anti-weapon rules", it's the reason of very BIG question: does CGT they job as it needed to be done or CGT asks for consultation "to suspend or not to suspend" some ape or octopod...
Posted about 1 month ago

u try contact the cgtrader support or email them

Posted 25 days ago

I had the similar problem with my "bullet pendant". I did it for jewelry production. ;-)
Nor deleting neither uploading again - while tag "bullet" is present model was suspended automatically...
So decision is only to ask admin to enable the model. But how they will know is your model may be REALLY printed or not? It is not a pendant!

PBRCool wrote
you screen shot ur model and email them and say to them its for printed jewelry purpose only....tell them its under jewelry category

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