Looking for the designer of a pendant series - pulled off site?

Discussion started by vicki-mieth

I can't locate the designer of a pendant series (mostly Norse Gods such a Sif, Heimdal, Sunna, Mani, etc) - his items are still showing up on search engines like Yeggi as being on cgtrader, but I can't find him here! They weren't expensive models, and I'm now at the point I want to pick them up. If anyone has a clue who this person was, or how to get hold of them, I'd be much appreciative!!


Posted 14 days ago

Very often models stays on Yeggi after person is banned on cgt. If link from yeggi don't bring you to the profile of the seller here on cgt that in most cases mean that he/she is banned because of breaking the cgt agreement rules ( stolen models, copyright infringement etc.)

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