Is it ok to modify a model purchased with Royalty Free License

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Hello there,

We need to purchase some vehicle models under the Royalty Free License as part of a larger commercial work for creating a VR city scene for a client. My understanding of the cgtrader license is that we may use these vehicle models in our for profit work, so long as it is part of our larger in house created and generated scenes.

My question is this:
Can we modify those vehicle models so they suit our needs? As an example, if we find a model of a vehicle we like and it is red, can we modify it on our end to make it blue instead? Can we modify the wheels so that they turn as the car rolls down the road? We have the software to do this, but want to make sure that this is fine within the confines of the Royalty Free License.

We have no interest in reselling models individually. The models will be time saving as part of our larger work where we need to focus our time on the client's building project and less on figuring out how to draw cars, buses, trains and the like. We just need to know if we can change very basic features of the model in house as part of our larger project.

Thank you for your time. :)


Posted 14 days ago

Of course you can modify it.

Posted 12 days ago

Yes, you can modify the models to your heart's content. Just remember, if you want to distribute those models (modified or not), you can only do that as incorporated product. For example, if you create a city model and want to add some vehicles that you aquired from someone else, you cannot sell that city scene as a stock model, as it contains parts that don't belong to you. However you can use that scene as a game level as long as all the models will be encapsulated in some proprietary format that is not easily accesible with convenient tools.

Posted 10 days ago

Thank you for your responses. :)

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