Is it legal to sell 3D avatar with assets bought from cg trader under Royalty-free license?

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Hello! Hope someone can answer me this!

The wording for the licences is very confusing so, I hope to get some clearance here.

If I purchased an asset from here which is under royalty free licence- for example shoes, is it okay for me to use these shoes on a sellable 3D avatar? The full project file will be selling on a different platform, the buyer will get the full product files in a form of unity package and fbx- with those shoes being part of the 3D avatar, but not as a single item.


Posted about 1 month ago

You can not resell or redistribute digital assets you purchase here in any way, either on their own or as part of another asset. You CAN use them in commercial productions that are not digital assets. In other words as part of movie VFX, video games, or 2d print. You can not resell or redistribute as part of a 3d digital asset.

luxxeon wrote
I should point out, I am not a lawyer, nor do I represent CGtrader in any way legally. I'm only interpreting what has been discussed here many times before. You can, however, contact CGTrader Support for the official word on this if you wish. I'm sure they will post here eventually. Keep in mind that you can contact the creator through CGTrader to work out some other legal arrangement, but that is between you and that creator.
Posted about 1 month ago

That would be repackaging and sub-licensing someone ells work, that’s infringing on copyrights.
There are some limited exceptions for incorporating the work in games (in proprietary format) but that's it.

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