Is it legal to create & sell 3d models of homes that are based off of existing floor plans?

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There are a lot of websites that lists floor plans. A good amount of popular ones look like the same site but with a different name. It makes me wonder if they're all operated by the same company or if 1 is genuine and the others are knockoffs. In which case, I wanted to know if it was okay to get a floor plan from one of those sites, create a 3d model (it may or may not look exactly the same) then sell it on sites like here and turbosquid. I understand that usage rights would be important if I were to do this. I did email a few companies regarding this but in case I don't ever get a response, I wanted to get some advice here.



Posted about 1 month ago

You can use those cad drawings to model a 3D house and you will be the owner of that 3D model but not of the design it is depicting. This means you cannot grand rights to the design via a royalty free license, instead you would need to use editorial license which would be fine for educational or news materials.

My advice would be to alter the design sufficiently so it becomes a new unique design of your own.

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