Is it even worth selling the models on cgtrader?

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Hi guys,

I'm new here.
I work directly with customers because that's the only way to make reasonable money in this industry.

But the problem is that you don't always have stable customers.

My question is: is it even worth taking the time to use this platform? If you have 1000 models on Cgtrader, what about your monthly income?

Thank you very much for your advice.

Best regards



Posted 26 days ago

If anyone has experience with this, please share it here.

TazMan2000 wrote
Monthly income will vary anywhere from $0 and up depending on the quality of the models, customer need, price, etc... Just because you upload a model, it doesn't guarantee a sale.
Posted 26 days ago

Thank you very much for the information.

I know that if I upload my models here on cgtrader, they will be not sold immediately.
I just wanted to know the experience of the other colleagues.

In any case, I will continue working and upload all models here.

Many thanks.

TazMan2000 wrote
Revenue is up and down for most members. Quite a few complained about changes to the platform last year, where many complained about sales drastically dropping. Whether sales have came back for most or people got sick of complaining, there are few complaints of slower sales, lately. In my personal experience, I have noticed a slight bump in sales in the past couple of months.
Posted 26 days ago

Thank you very much for the detailed information. I really appreciate it.

Posted 24 days ago

Hi guys,
Are the prices on my profile adequate?

Posted 22 days ago

In my opinion modern online marketing system based on "algorithms" excludes the influence of the price, quality and "needs".
If designer have less than 1000 models then I guess he has no chances to be happy with sales and will have very volatile sale statistics (from 0$ to xxx $$ monthly, but anyway not the good profit). With 1000+ models (but looking at "designers" with thousands of models in they stores I can conclude with the possibility of 99% that models are "potato" quality or are stolen and exposed with dumped price... long story short: "Quantity over quality" is the only one profitable way for CGtrader and similar trading platforms).

rouny wrote
Can't agree more
Posted 17 days ago

Tip, stay away from (architectural) or any other category that is astronomically beyond full.
The market has a simple equation, “demand versus supply”, no matter where you go.
When supply is vastly larger then demand, prices go to the bottom.
When demand is there but supply is short, prices go up.
So, look for demand and short supply.

If not and you persist in positioning yourself in astronomically large supply, be ready to add 1000+ models in one archive and sell it for 5 dollars few times a year.
On other hand providing one great model on your account that is in demand but short in supply, be ready to sell is for 100+ dollars on regular basis.
No reputation, time on platform or lots of models needed.

cgdoca wrote
Thank you very much for the valuable tips. What would be interesting as rare models? Which niches would be very interesting? I'm new to this platform, but I already have good experience with the 3D world. If anyone could share their experience here, I would really appreciate it.
iterateCGI wrote
In your profile settings you can mark participate in Analytics, it will provide a tool to get info about what people type in the search field, what categories are over saturated versus under saturated, also info about average pricing, etc. It can give you some bearing on what to model next. I don’t know if it’s still there or works and in what form it is right now. I don’t have it anymore, just doing my own thing because metrics cannot measure some demand that sometimes get created when people see some new thing for the first time (and then learn the new keyword for it), the tool only provides insight in data that is already there, but that has probably more value for most people. More info here ( and here ( Also this channel has a bunch of video’s (scroll to 4 years back) regarding selling 3D models (

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