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I use photogrammetry for most if my models.
I Saw Textures and ground tiles made from photographs and photoscans on Artstation. (here and here )

My question now is:

Is there any interest for various ground-tiles in highpoly format (~16,000,000-500,000 polys) with 8k or 16k textures on CGTrader or the rest of the CGI Industrie?

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Posted almost 5 years ago

For traditional game engines it would be to many polygons, but it can be useful for some types of set creations for movie/video productions in general. Note that there are also different types of game productions where they use art creation workflows comparable to what matte painters do (use of pre rendered elements).

I think with your kind of service it may be good to get familiar with current workflows of these matte painters and see how your data could be beneficial to them (in generating 3D plates and background elements). Then work out a targeted marketing strategy (maybe make your point about the benefits in some showcase video) and then find out where to best place the news.

Placing the data on stock media websites is step one, but maybe these kind of artists are less familiar with this kind of data and so don't rely search for it on 3D stock media websites, so it's possible you may need to get attention/news out via some other means. Maybe place adds on some special websites best known by matte painters? (needs some research)

Also note, there are some evolutions in real-time game technology involving hybrid rendering systems (polygonal rendering in combination with voxel technology). With this kind of technologies it becomes possible to use your high poly meshes/textures as 3D brush stamps to paint in voxel terrains. You can find more info about these evolutions here ( and see some examples here (

There are also all kinds of new opportunity's popping up for 3D scan data in VR experiences, see this example here, go to minute 9 to see a beautiful 3D scan of a world heritage site (

Note that these kind of models are so optimized that you can run them on mobile phones and thus the mobile VR solutions (in photo real 3d).

Future will definitely present more opportunities/use cases for this kind of data, so I think you should definitely proceed on learning and doing the things you do and post about it in the right places, in time more feedback will guide you to the point where it all start to come together and pay off.

siebencorgie wrote
Thanks, I will try to get more Informations. Maybe I should create some kind of Texture Library out of the scans with Albedo,Normal,Displacement, specular and Metallic map. Thanks for the long reply !
iterateCGI wrote
Maybe make a library of PBR substance materials, then make an account on the substance share zone and add some links to your material library over here? Seems to be no problem to do advertising for own products over there because others already do so. (found some links directly besides the preview thumbnails ). See example here ( Don't know how many traffic this share zone exactly gets but I imagine most substance users know about its existence. You may already know about it but here ( is the software to make the PBR substance materials with. I think (hunch) substances will soon be widely adopted materials because it already supports a host of popular 3D packages and more will follow. Also check out this competition as reference ( Long replays seem to be my hallmark ;-)

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