Im new here. What type of models do you think sell best?

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Hey everyone, i just began on cgtrader this january and I was wondering what genre of models sell best on here? I enjoy making cyberpunk / sci-fi models but its kind of specific. Would they sell well? Also i have one published already if you want to check that out.


Posted 4 months ago

My philosophy is not asking if my models will sell, but to make searches to see what is selling, therefore applying your likes, skills and talent into that topic, theme or subject.

I had recognize 4 customer profiles so far:

1. 3d printed models for DIY/ printing enthusiasts.
2. Props and objects for Social games (SL, IMVU, SIMS)
3. Iconic daily objects for interior, renderings, digital content.
4. Detailed Objects for VR, product retail and promotions.

If you wanna chat a bit more later, dm me.

I hope this helps a bit

SamuraiTechnologies wrote
ok that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the insights on those. But as of right now, I really enjoy making robots and cyberpunk, sci-fi models as characters for games, renders etc. (theyre all i want to make pretty much) They've been getting views lately but no purchases. (ive been on here for almost a month now) Is this too specific of models? on the analytics, "robot" is one of the top subcategories i think. but yeah, does it just take more time or more models to sell? I hope these arent too many questions, but i just wanted to hear your opinion on this. Thank you and God bless. If you want to look at my profile and maybe give some feedback, that would be really helpful.

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