im desaponting with my non existed sales in cgtrader

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A few things to take into consideration:

- target market: define who you are trying to sell to, if you want to sell to everyone you will sell to no one. pick a niche and excel there, if you dont see results move in a different direction this is either saturated or not in demand.
- native format: you work in blender which is mostly known as software for hobby artists. As a professional in the industry I would skip this even if you offer other formats as I would assume you have no production knowledge. I also convert my models to blender format so Im not biased at all here its just a point of view for you to consider.
- presentation: all you images have a green cast light, 0 RGB black background and a square plane on the floor. Look at professional models, atleast try to emulate the soft light, white ramp studio appearance, put some time and effort into your presentation.
- details: a few things letting you down is obvious when you look at the xbox controller, the side on view where you can see the RB/LB buttons your scale is certainly way off, the text is blurred, the position isnt correct and as look down to the RT/LT buttons they are completely off. As a potential buyer if I seen this I would not buy any of your models simply because I dont trust your UV/Texture ability which means there is far more things wrong.
- rigged characters: if you rig your characters it would really help to see the rig in video format to show how your rig works.
- description: you should really elaborate more in your description about your models, at the moment there is not enough information here to judge the technical information.

Hope this helps, all the best.

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In addition, I recommend adding a little more preview images to some models. In general, you have successful models. You can also increase the variety of output formats such as fbx, obj. There may be people who just want to use the character, even without Rig.

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A couple of other things to consider is that sales will not happen overnight, especially when you only have a few models in your portfolio. I notice you have only started to upload models earlier this year, and currently have about 9 models in your portfolio. This is a great start, but you will typically not see many sales until you have a larger portfolio. This is especially true of the competitive categories that your models are in. If you're really determined to be successful, you will need to be patient and keep creating models.

One other thing, which was mentioned by Quiper, is that you will need to add more file formats to maximize your sales. The best selling formats on CGTrader are .max, .ma, .FBX, .OBJ. Blender is growing in popularity, but it's not as popular as the other formats yet.

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Ok thank you guys! very helpful comments

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Put some animations in

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