I'm trying to fund a trip to Germany for School.

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Hey there fellow CGtraders. I'm trying to fund a trip to Germany this summer for a school exchange program. It would be extremely helpful if you bought one of my premium models. I can also be commissioned. Prices are haggle-able. Thank you for your consideration.


Posted over 5 years ago

You are giving out all your models out for free...

egh wrote
Not all of them, just the majority.
miaomiao3d wrote
If everyone can get your models for free then they have no reason or incentive to buy your models. Buyers like to sample models but then they will pay for higher quality models that you link them up to. So if you are selling a car you could have the basic un textured version available for free download and then put the high quality version up for sale. That is a better strategy then what you are adopting at the moment. Putting almost everything out there for free is probably not making you any sales.

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