How can I transfer the rights to the third-party studio model bought here?

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I plan to create an online MMO RTS game.

The game company *** offers a service (In exchange for 5-30% (depends on the number of years affiliation to work in this company) from sales game + The right to use models in the company's own projects):

*hide name* (I did not understand that this is a forum and not a closed ticket tech support).

The game will be developed on my money, all content will be bought for my money.

UE4/5 tax = 5% (I do not remember exactly accurate parts)

Steam tax (*** account) = 30-35% (I do not remember exactly accurate parts)

5+(~5/30)+35=45-70% so other 55-30% with income sales games will be sent to me every month

At the moment I did not conclude any contracts and I need to know what exactly what can I do to convey my rights to the content purchased here to ***.

In the previous time, the service support me the following:

"Please note that this is valid only for Royalty-free license models.
-You can contact the model designer and make a new specific license just for you that would let you send the model to other entities.
You can do this by clicking on the email icon on the model page."

My question is: what exactly should seller do fo I can get this license?


Posted about 1 month ago

You should ask the seller if your allowed to transfer the license “you purchased” to (following name…, Company…., etc.) that is going to do this and that with the work (explain in detail).

The company you work for (or works for you) would like to have something on record I presume?
Because normally your not allowed to transfer the license (sub-license), so they would like to see some written and signed permissions from the original copyright holder giving them the rights/permissions to do this and that with the work, right?

The seller needs to know who your transferring the license to and know what that company is going to do with the work so he can create a custom license for them should he deem it needed.

For example, if that company is going to use the content for in game purchases then I presume the original creator would like to know about it and maybe create some per amount of users license or something like that, the company you work for would also like to know about this and have it all on record, right?

So in this type of cases you should always talk with the original copyright holders of the work and be transparent about what are the plans, come to some agreements about it (because real owner is the only one qualified to set the terms) and get this on paper. If the owner of the work is not equipped to deal with this type of cases then you should simply not go forward with your plans using that work in some license transferring deals.

This is just advice of a fellow artist,

testtoshoukanjuu wrote
After reading your text, I realized that the seller has no function of issuing a license from a personal account on the site. At the moment, the development team is one person - me. I still do not know yet, I will use the services of this company or not, because The contract involves the transfer of rights to anything related to the project. CGTrader offered me when buying to execute as a "purchase for the company", but I did not sign contracts, so I bought as one person. The entire assortment bought by me belongs to Royalty Free License. So I see 4 variants: 1) every seller must torment himself with paper contracts 2) buy as a company all models on the second circle 3) Order from all sellers an exclusive modification under specifically my draft specific model with a special license 4) make the game without using the content purchased on the CGTrader, and then individually pull on this official modification, using what I personally have rights (such as ArmA 3 (ArmStalker)).
iterateCGI wrote
Those are indeed your options, just remember that a “royalty-free” license does not grand exclusive copyrights (those remain with the artist), it just grands you (the user) some limited rights to use the work within the boundary's of the license, it does not include any rights to transfer those rights. So the company that needs copy’s of the work and rights to use them has to obtain the license in its own name. You can perhaps get written permissions (from the individual artists) to give/transfer the copy's you obtained but its indeed uncommon practice and not assured you get it.
Posted about 1 month ago

Here, when you buying RFL content, the price does not change as I understand, but you can specify yourself as a person or as company.
So I want to transfer my rights to the company, thereby depriving me of the rights so that the director of the company has them in exchange for their services.

iterateCGI wrote
Those sound like legit wishes but agreements (standard royalty-free license) you currently have with those artists do not allow this. Its not allowed to exchange those licenses for anything, unless you have written consent to do so from those artists. Going forward without this would be illegal practice and that company could get in trouble would they blindly take part in it without a proper license transfer. They could pay for something they would need to take offline afterwards and pay damages on top. If you do not have the copyrights you simply cannot sell/exchange that content unless you get permissions to do so. Unfortunately there is no automated function to transfer rights/licenses, maybe in the near future when some specific blockchain technology is in place, but for now its not.
Posted about 1 month ago

It remains the opportunity to use MOD + order exclusive versions of models with money from sales.

Posted about 1 month ago

At the top I was a little mistake in the description.
General use refers to a software skeleton and not content.
Therefore, there are no problems with extended use of models in other projects.

Posted about 1 month ago

As far as I understand it is useless for me to make ever at least once a purchase here.

Posted about 1 month ago

Since there is no function as on ArtStation with a license choice.

iterateCGI wrote
I’m both a seller here and on Artstation and don't see difference regarding licensing options (except on the way it is displayed). We can provide same content here multiple times with different price and licensing options if we want to, however there is no option to transfer the license to a different person or company after purchase, this is also not present on Artstation as far as I know?
Posted about 1 month ago

Artstation support answer:

Hi ***,

Thanks for reaching out.

As you have purchased commercial variants with no limits for sales and views you can download this product locally and share them with 3rd parties to obtain your needs.

I will not recommend you to share your account credentials with third parties and any other persons as it is not secure.
Also, we can't share the Library of the purchases between accounts.

Please reply back if there are any questions left.

Kind regards.

iterateCGI wrote
That's why I have custom license on Artstation because I disagree with that policy. Anyways, the custom license here should indeed be interpreted as additions but that does not mean the artist cannot overrule the terms set for him by default (we can include exceptions). For example we can add, ”your free to use this product commercially in any way you see fit”, that addition would be the exceptions to the conditions set by general licensing terms of the royalty free license CGtrader provides.
Posted 30 days ago

I see here only this:
When I bought a model that was lying around for years without being necessary and opening it, I found in mistakes and pointed them to the author (which proves that no one bought it before me to see this obvious slip).
However, this model is impossible to use this model in the game. She has 15,000,000 polygons and there is no sweep of nothing, it's just a piece of OBJ.
I also understand that I will have a lot of money to make a Game ready model from this piece of OBJ.
However, for this, I have to hire a specialist or author of the model (which most likely does not know how to make Game Reday models in general or busy or does not accept orders or requires 500 euros per hour for work).
And when I understand that I need to hire a specialist in working on the model, and ask the author: how much will be an extended commercial license on this piece of OBJ, it makes the price x100.

Posted 30 days ago

I'm not talking about everyone. Of course not, however, some.

Posted 30 days ago

RFL license doesn't allow third parties to access the content (this is an individual license for you personally).
Also, the author may not want to turn his piece of OBJ in gaming content for any money.

Posted 29 days ago

It seems that I have no choice in most situations, except to make OBJ pieces with own skills and then to order modellers to make Game Ready from it for my project.

Posted 28 days ago

For “your” project there is no problem using royalty free licensed models.
But if you plan to sell, transfer or exchange the content/license then yes that’s a problem.

Some random example, suppose someone plans to take a bunch of stockmedia, trow it in a scene and sell it as a level, pack or mod (call it a sub-game or whatever) to a game company.

We can argue the set dressing and or scripting of the scene is added value and we should be payed for it. Sounds logic, most probably agree, but how is this going to work in practice? How are we going to pay the royalty’s to those artists every time we sell this pack or level to a game company?

Not at all maybe?

So one can maybe take a bunch of stock make a whole lot of value on the spot, trow a bit in from one self and sell this multiple times to all types of game companies for good amount of money or contrary very little because content is so cheap?

Effect, no game company would buy those individual models from those original artists when they can get it all in one place for less right? And those artist, they just getting royalty one time for all the work, while that individual takes it multiple times?

So what type of license would there need to be to avoid these sort of problems?
I can imagine a group license would be something but how is this going to work in practice?
Maybe we try estimate how many times this individual is going to sell this level?
How are we going to check this correctly?

The only way this can work in practice is when there’s some automatic split revenue system in the loop, tracking all added value and on end distribution everything gets sorted out automatically. This is possible with blockchain and its in the making but its not here yet.

In the future when everything works out correctly, then everyone can add his/her own value and everything will be tracked and split correctly, but for now, this is it.

Posted 28 days ago

RFL prohibits access to content to third parties.
So if I buy OBJ plane or robot
That PBR and animations for them I can only do personally.
The only thing I need is two things:
1) make from OBJ game content
2) selling my game from company accounts, because I don't have your seller account on Steam etc.
I essentially buy clay from which I need to do dishes and sell dishes.
To do this, she needs to give shape and burn, then paint.
How can I do this with RFL?

Posted 28 days ago

Because In the game, the models in protected format, then 2) problems do not exist.
The first problem could beat solved if CGTrader was offered competitive freelance content access services for ork with content with RFL.

Posted 20 days ago

NEW acpect:
If I use function Hire ME on CGTrader, what license I get?

Posted 20 days ago

Royalty free by default I believe, there's also switch option for the one hiring you for getting the full rights to the work (your free to agree to this or not).

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