Heyy I just Need help and its so cheap for me can you support me

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Posted 27 days ago

Hi mate, just a little advise that I hope other experienced modellers will agree with...

First of all, cheap isn't what people look for when buying a model. Secondly, you need more (and better) screenshots, try to include wireframe shots and UV mapping shots as well if possible. Give it a better description and supply information on the model.

Remember, for the buyer, this is like buying a pair of shoes without trying them on. The more you can tell them, show them about the model you improve your chances of a sale.

Good luck.

SimonTGriffiths wrote
>.< I put advise instead of advice :o. I blame my foreign wife that is sitting next to me and talking as I type :D
kamil12345-ke wrote
ok thanks for your good comment I will make :)
Posted 27 days ago

Agree with Simon. And also begging people to buy you product will not take you anywhere, more effort, hours of practice, hours of work and patience will.

SimonTGriffiths wrote
I didn't want to put it like that but I'm glad you did haha

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