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Hello !

we know you're here to buy our 3D models and we want you to know that as the GallantDesign design team, we will always be able to help you.

If you want to buy our models, the opportunity to be sold just single is in our profile.

_and what we want you to know about models;

stone sizes of all products is 1.30mm ring sizes of all products is 61 -

(all of the files are in a rar file. It is divided into STL and Render files.)

and only 150 photos can be uploaded on the site. (i can upload 37 model detailed render.) I can send pictures of the models you are wondering in detail at your request..._

we tried to give the best in terms of pricing in return for our labor. and that's why we really decided to offer you our designs at low prices.

we will continue to offer you models that you cannot see anywhere else.

please feel free to ask questions about our products. You can ask for a photo of the products we offer you (different angles) . or you may want to ask for stone sizes or learn more details. this is perfectly normal. and we will always help you.

please read the positive comments on our profile. You can look at the positive feedback of the 3D projects we have done and the comments of the purchased products from our profile.

we will really try to keep positive comments going!

Thanks for read

Best regards

GallantDesign Team

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