does copyright from big companies apply for this site?

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im new on cgtrader and i just search something relationated with pokemon and it seems that theres a lot of products relationated with that, but it wasn't nintendo supossed to ban everyone that win profit for their creations , its not like iam the kid that renembers that theres homework ,i also want to make something from pokemon and nintendo games relationated i only want to know if i can do it without having a 100k complaint from dear nintendo for me and the ppl that buys the model ...


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If you want an actual answer not just opinions, you should send this question here:

In general, if your question has legal aspect(s), don't rely on opinions.

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The maximum penalty (danger) for you is that CGT or other marketplace delete your model if they receive some complaint from company (brand) which own intellectual property.
You do not have to bother that you as physical person would pay Million of dollars to some company.
If some company has problem with using their brand in 3D industry they threaten marketplace (CGT) with court and marketplace then deletes all for example BMW cars from all artist.
You as single artist will never have serious problems because selling models on CGT. The problem can have buyer which use bought 3D model in some very successful commercial projet without permission from IP owner.

zabotlama wrote
Only thing you must take care is that branded 3D models (for example VW car) should be sold under editorial licence. Then you are absolutely safe and all responsibility is at buyers site which should ask for permission to use bought model in commercial project.

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