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Hi there,

Interesting to know the opinion of the designers and cgt team about this:

I think it's horrible stupid craziest thing. The rules should strictly prohibited this.

Items that violate this rule must be suspended (at least until they are fixed).

Models with minimal differences (simplest textures, decals, etc.) must be loading as one item.

Thanks for attention.


Posted over 1 year ago

I agree, this kind of spamming doesn't help anyone - including the seller who does this.
He may get some reputation point for that, but any customer who checks his portfolio will immediately look elsewhere.

LemonadeCG wrote
Nobody would care too much if it would be only about reputation points, but with this behaviour, the seller tries to push his competition out of the way in most disgusting fashion. Such littering should be punished.
Posted over 1 year ago

I'm a seller and also a potential buyer. These duplicated products ( I can't see any difference at all. ) prevent me from buying models because I don't want to spend hours hunting decent ones. I can see these spam images even in the best match filtered list. As a seller, I plan to update my models from time to time, but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea. It's annoying, to be honest :(

Posted over 1 year ago

This is legally cheat, We Know this is not right but at the same time this is acceptable by the system.. :(

Posted over 1 year ago

It would be nice to implement an algorithm that will analyze content and combine it yourself. The current level of AI more than sufficient for this.

Posted over 1 year ago

Hi there,

The provided information of the models show that they are in fact different, therefore are not considered spam and do not violate Terms and Conditions.

However, such action is more hurtful to the seller, since visibility of the models decrease.

Austeja from CGTrader

rushidimber wrote
This is first time I am disagree.

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