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Make a search and write cgtrader and turbosquid and cubebursh check the results , your model can be shared in this web site as free

This web site stealing from you ! And giving to people as free , people making a search on internet before buy your model , they are looking is there free link for your model and than if isnt there they are buying , this web site stealing from you and giving to people for free ... they are writting your models full name so when people making search they can finding easly ... All model in this web site stolen .. there is another web site as russian site with same name .. tell this to support of cg trader they started to steal , they are not stopping this is not trade ! İf everyone Report this to cg trader can solve , I wrote, but no answer ,


Posted 7 months ago

This isn't new at all, there are tons of warez websites where stealer are giving away our models.
We've already told CGTrader about this matter but nothing has been done...

Posted 7 months ago

They don't have the files, most of these are scam, lead you to uncountable links, generating traffic along the way and sell that for money, make you pay for some download account, spread viruses and malware. Victims don't report this because what are they gonna tell? Those sites are actually helping aspirant pirates get motivated to keep away from pirate websites and get legal.

Anyways, the images are probably proprietary to someone and its illegal to put own logo on them and use them that way, the real owner can send take down notice to them, usually helps.

I needed to wright take down notice to these types of websites about 2 to 3 times a month. Lately spend less time on them because it does not seem to affect my sales. Only wright them if it gets in way of my Google rankings. Also the marking of my images seem to help get filtered out by those internet bots that are automatically collecting the images.

mak21 wrote
Yes is true i find some discussion on other site ... ATTENTION !!! XXXXX ARTISTS !!! YOUR MODELS HAS STOLEN for me there aren't any file in this web site... this people only serch free Advertising

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