Cannot find my other formats that I uploaded

Discussion started by ARKS-3D-Studio

I uploaded a dining table with many formats but I couldn't see them on product page while I could see them on edit page , i don't know why is this happening. So if anyone has a solution please let me know about it like if it's a bug or i did something wrong. Also I checked all files and they are all good and none of them are corrupt. Also my textures folder is not to be seen in there , i don't know why. I uploaded all of them , safely and correctly too.

Here is the link to my model

Please do help.


Posted about 1 month ago

I also noticed some formats not showing, so maybe that is a new bug.

ARKS-3D-Studio wrote
Maybe , but I worked hard on it so I want it to be shown
trimitek wrote
It will be best to contact support

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