Can you name a company that use 3D content in their projects?

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Hey everybody,

There's been a question we wanted to ask our designers - are there any companies, (small or big) that you think should be approached by CGTrader team and possibly be interested in buying 3D assets for their projects?

Architectural project-makers, game or indie developers, mobile game production companies - or simply any company that you think could use some 3D assets is a right answer here!

Feel free to write any of them down using the link below, and we'll get to working our magic in approaching them to work with CGTrader in finding 3D assets right for them:!
Eddie, CGTrader


Posted over 4 years ago

Id say indie developers are the most likely ones that are going to require 3D. If a company is big enough and requires 3D regularly then they'll employ 3D artist. Whereas one or two guys creating a game or app themselves are going to to need 3D provided for them.

As for naming any indie devs that need 3D, i wouldnt even know where to start. Probably check Unity/ Unreal twitter as they retweet indie devs work quite often.

blobfortress wrote
inXile Entertainment (which is an Indie Developer I think) is quite big. They did some sort of contest where people could model stuff and put it in the Unity Asset store, and if it was good enough for inXile Entertainment's game Wasteland 2, they would buy it. They raised nearly 3 million dollars on Kickstarter for Wasteland 2. Some more info about the whole thing for those interested: I believe currently they are developing Wasteland 3.
Posted over 4 years ago

I took few minutes to look into my contacts and grader list of possible customers that would be outside of customer base already up here (found about 8 or so).

Not that mush but all little bits help I suppose ;-)

Posted over 4 years ago

Great idea! :) Thumbs up!

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