Can We Sell BMW Car Models If we set the Licence to Editorial?

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I was wondering if we are allowed to sell BMW car 3d models, even if we set the license to Editorial. I don't see any BMW car models for sale on the site, so I wanted to make sure.



Posted 5 months ago

if it was possible there would be a lot of BMW models like other branded cars under editorial license.

Posted 5 months ago

Technically you are not allowed to sell any car brand models under editorial license because of copyright infringement, but peoples do this anyway. BMW was the "the loudest" when comes to this. That's why BMW models are totaly forbiden, Rolls Royce models also because BMW owns RR. The latest brand that forbid their models to be sold is Lamborghini so you can't sell those either. Of course you can sell anything if you change it's appearance and don't use logos/names of the company

Posted 5 months ago

Ok, Thanks for getting back to me on that.

Posted 5 months ago

Hi there,

Just to make it fully comprehensible I would like to inform you that due to a copyright claim from BMW, you cannot upload any models of this brand to the CGTrader.

Moreover, unfortunately, you cannot post or sell any Lamborghini, and MINI models too.

I hope this helps :)

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