Can i use free models for online tutorial purpose

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I am a lighting and look development artist. I am starting a non-commercial youtube channel for tutorial purpose. And i will be needing models for demonstrations. Can i use the free 3d models from cgtrader for it?


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"21.Royalty Free License
21.1. Product may not be sold, given, or assigned to another person or entity in the form it is downloaded from the Site or in 3D printed physical form.

21.2. The Buyer’s license to Product in this paragraph is strictly limited to Incorporated Product. Any use or republication, including sale or distribution of Product that is not Incorporated Product is strictly prohibited. For illustration, approved distribution or use of Product as Incorporated Product includes, but is not limited to:

- as rendered still images or moving images; resold as part of a feature film, broadcast, or stock photography;

- as purchased by a game’s creators as part of a game if the Product is contained inside a proprietary format and displays inside the game during play, but not for users to re-package as goods distributed or sold inside a virtual world;

- as Product published within a book, poster, t-shirt or other item;

- as part of a physical object such as a toy, doll, or model.

21.3. If you use any Product in software products (such as video games, simulations, or VR-worlds) you must take all reasonable measures to prevent the end user from gaining access to the Product. Methods of safeguarding the Product include but are not limited to:

- using a proprietary disc format such as Xbox 360, Playstation 3, etc.;

- using a proprietary Product format;

- using a proprietary and/or password protected database or resource file that stores the Product data;

- encrypting the Product data.

21.4. Without prejudice to sub paragraphs 21.1-21.3, the Seller grants to the Buyer who purchases license rights to Product and uses it solely as Incorporated Product a non-exclusive, worldwide, license in any medium now known or hereinafter invented to:

- reproduce, post, promote, license, sell, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, or transmit for promotional and commercial purposes;

- use any trademarks, service marks or trade names incorporated in the Product in connection with Seller material;

- use the name and likeness of any individuals represented in the Product only in connection with Your material.

21.5. Absent a written grant of rights greater than that contained in section 21 “Royalty Free License”, all other rights or sub-divisions of rights generally included in copyright are excluded from this license and remain the property of Seller.

21.6. The resale or redistribution by the Buyer of any Product, obtained from the Site is expressly prohibited unless it is an Incorporated Product as licensed above.

22. Editorial License
22.1. In addition to the restrictions that are applicable to the Royalty Free License, certain Products may be marked “editorial” or “editorial license” and has additional license restrictions.

22.2. Buyer’s may only use Products marked “editorial” or “editorial license” for legitimate, editorial purposes on some issue of journalistic, editorial, cultural or otherwise newsworthy value. Examples of editorial use/fair use may include illustrating issues of general interest, social commentary, reporting news, etc. Editorial uses include use of the Product in a news program, news-related website, or news-related video media. The Buyer understands and agrees that such Products may contain material that is not released from its rights holders.

23. Custom License
Terms of the Custom License shall be deemed applicable if and only if the Seller provides additional license terms in the specific area of Product description – “Custom license terms”. Such additional license terms shall be applied and interpreted as additions and (or) exceptions to the terms and conditions, set forth in section 20. “General Terms of Licensing” and section 21. “Royalty Free License”."

Briefly you can use the models which have Royalty Free Licences in your commercials. I have a mic. model as free, you can use it at wherever you want.

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Thank you so much for your helpl
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You can use free models for your tutorials, but remember that most free models on cgtrader is being shared with Creative Commons license, so attribution is required. If you're using free models in your tutorial, then simply mention from where you did get them. Backlink to seller's shop would be a nice way to say thank you for the models.

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Just have in mind that you can not redistribute those models - meaning, that if you plan to share tutorial files - scenes that include those models - you have to ask for permission from the author.

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Sure. Thanks for the reply's

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