Can I sell under my brothers name

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Hello I was just wondering if I can sell under my brothers name, and use his id for the payment agreement, because I'm under the age of 18.


Posted about 1 month ago

The answer will obviously be no. You can ask for support if you want, but it's really a waste of time. Obviously, there's a number of problems with doing something like that, even if your brother is ok with it. CGT would have a ton of potential legal issues in dealing with such a scenario should something go wrong with your business or with clients. If your brother opens a store here himself, you could do the modeling for him and then split up the profits between the two of you later on in your own private agreement between the two of you but your brother would still have to be the legal owner of the models and the portfolio, and he'd have to be the one dealing directly with clients or with CGT if they need to contact him for something.

Posted 28 days ago

Jeez, just tell your brother to upload your stuff and if it sells then tell him to throw the cash at you. You do know your brother right? lol

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