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Hello, I would really like to learn how to stage apartments using 3d models I purchase and place them on photo backgrounds.
I have learned how to place the furniture on the photo background but cant apply the textures yet.

is there such a thing were a newbie like myself can purchase models and apply them to the photo background?
i know 3ds max is a fantastic tool that i should not take lightly. I would just really like to be able to do this.
i used to use Chief A to do walk through but feel that staging using something like 3ds max is what is needed now.

I did purchase a bed from here and placed it without colors or textures on a photo background.
a picture of the bed is attached showing textures missing.. is this making things harder for me?
for some reason picture didnt attach.

thank you for any help you can give me.



Posted about 2 months ago

You can try Blender, as you´re looking for just one feature, there´s no difference you learn to do it in Max or in Blender since you start from zero, this supposing Max to be too expensive for you, Blender is for free.
The quality level is more or less the same.
Then you must learn to light and render, and you´ll have a similar learning curve with both programs.

gmuffaletto51 wrote
thank you. but from what I have seen if I sort furniture by software the Max usually have better looking stuff. I will check again.
Posted about 2 months ago

I know absolutely nothing about this software but adobe has something which looks like what are you asking for

gmuffaletto51 wrote
i already have access to dimension so that would be great if I can get the furniture I purchase to look as good as what I have seen 3ds max do.... thank you
Posted about 2 months ago

Of course, Max has a lot more users than Blender, and usually more professional, that´s why there is better stuff from Max, wich, of course, is a very BIG program.
But a skilled person will be able to do the same with both programs

gmuffaletto51 wrote
i am not yet that skilled. that is why i would love to buy the best looking ready made furniture for placment onto a photo background. I will look at 3d software as a hobby after that and look to learn. slowly the tutorials are taking over what free time I had for TV
Posted about 2 months ago

Just use the OBJ and FBX formats for importing models in whatever software you like.
In many cases you indeed need to recreate the shader in the host program and reattach the textures.

I would recommend going for Blender, with its built in EEVEE renderer you can do the match-moving of models in real-time in near photo real quality and switch seamlessly to Cycles, a top of the bill path tracing renderer for photo-real rendering, and its all free.

Some EEVEE tutorial on architectural visualization here (

3ds max lack of improvements in contrast to its hefty price-tag in combination with speed Blender gets impressive list of features and improvements, also consider Houdini the most powerful software around, available for less then 300 dollars, this brings the Autodesk solution in bad spot.

Look at the comments of this 3ds max 2020 reveal, you get some feel whats going on there, (

gmuffaletto51 wrote
thank you. I will look into blender. I cant believe i already feel sad about leaving 3ds max. lol. the UI is easy and kind of fun for me.
Posted about 2 months ago

You need to buy models that are ready to render. That means that the moment you open them with Max or merge it to an existing scene, everything should be set-up and ready to go. As a buyer, you shouldn't spend time on assigning textures and other technical stuff. My advice is to look for more expensive models and seasoned sellers, they usually have their scenes ready-to-render.

I wouldn't recommend so called "photo backgrounds", I advise purchasing some house/apartment/studio interior models with existing lightning setups and staging your furniture models there.

gmuffaletto51 wrote
thank you very much. i rent apartments which is why i need photos of the actual apartments. i understand what you say about lighting. I hope I can do a fairly decent job until I learn more.
ldesign3dstudio wrote
If your budget allows it, or if you are willing to learn it yourself, you need to create HDRI environments. Think of it as advanced 360 panoramic photo It would be best to hire a photographer for this. If HDRI is created correctly, it will light up your model as it was placed in that exact scene, in your case apartment. Here is an example of my own model placed on HDRI :
Posted about 2 months ago

You can buy our model.

Posted about 1 month ago

You can do it from blender. Just need to be able to use pshop or gimp a bit. Render and scene (use the renderer you like from blender, like eeve or cycles, learn a bit on how to use them there are many tuts).

When you have your rendering alone, you can export PNGS with alpha form the render windows, open in pshop and put the background in the back and the model in front... this is the easy way but you will need to resize models etc...

The other way is to use planes inside blender for the background photos to be rendered, but I should try the first method as is easier.


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