Big Sale on Spiral Staircase

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Hi guys I have a BIG SALE on my Spiral Staircase model. Hope you guys like it. Please LIKE and REVIEW. Thanks


Posted about 2 months ago

Looks like your wood grain is going the wrong direction, I would flip this 90degrees. Its also tiling too repetitively. Same goes for your railing, and also it should have some bevel/chamfer to reflect correctly.

The black material lining the wood looks like a pure 0 black... what, MDF? I would have the wood continue, can you provide some reference as I haven't seen this style before.

It appears as if your glass panels are floating, usually they would have some metal framing or similar.

What is the white material between the steps, is this plaster? If it is plaster I would include the normal/roughness maps as well as some variation in the albedo.

JordanNel wrote
Thanks a lot for your feedback I will definitely do that I didn't want to go super detailed with the glass, just wanted to keep it simple, and the white isn't plaster its just white

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