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I strongly believe that the future of CGT artists making more sales is in revenue sharing and raising the overall quality of the models on the site.

I know this from personal experience that many models will never sell including many of my own. In my case improvement of the overall presentation is the key but for other artists it could be the modeling or texturing or rigging.

There are so many talented artists on CGT but some of them are to junior to have all the skills required to create fully finished products and others are just masters of one skill.

I think it would be really easy to create an option inside CGT for revenue sharing where some artists can collaborate on a model and decide on a percentage to receive when selling a model. This way a bunch of riggers could work together with modelers and then share revenue on the models they make.

The same could work for 3D modelers who are not good at texturing and rendering. They can team up with artists that are good at the skill they lack and bam better quality models for everyone and more sales for everyone too.

If we work together as a community we can make more money but as individuals most of us will be lacking in something and possibly never make top end models.

Of course some people don't need help and they are geniuses but in my experience that is not the majority.

The making of the Pampers Mobolie


Posted about 4 years ago

This idea of mine would benefit everyone, artists CGT trader and buyers.

Buyers would have more high end models to choose from, CGT's reputation would go through the roof and sellers would sell more consistently.

It really is a win for everyone!

The younger and less experienced modelers could team up with more experienced ones who don't always have the man power to complete all the projects they need to and so the combined effort would make everyone make more money.

There are so many pros to this idea and very little cons since everyone can derive benefit from it.

Posted about 4 years ago

All CGT would have to do is implement a series of options where you can add the paypal email info of the artist you want to share revenues with as well as the percentage.

If Luke and John worked on a model Luke gets 50 and John gets 50 or if Luke only did a small portion he will get 30 and John will get 70 etc...

When selling the model the brand of both artists shows up on the page so buyers know it belongs to them and when a buyer pays for the model the amount automatically is shared with however many artists collaborated on the model based on the percentage they agreed and inserted in the info page settings.

I don't think any other website is doing this so imagine how much better the online community would be on CGT!

Posted about 4 years ago

I think this is an amazing idea! It is worth pursuing even if cgtrader does not implement a specific option for that. Maybe a separate thread on the forum, an "artist for artists" market place. Obviously some kind of system would be required to safely share the profits etc.
Texturing models that were destined for 3D printing is an obvious example. Beyond that, and I can speak from my personal experience, it would be great to cooperate with artists who can make sure that a given model will go nicely with a specific game engine or rendering software.

miaomiao3d wrote
If you like this idea please share it around with your friends and peers. If enough people get excited about it CGT will actually implement it. They have done so with lots of other of forum ideas.
Posted about 4 years ago

Hi! Clayguy! I have been trying to start up this kind of thing for many years and the few times that I worked with others on shared projects the effects were wonderful.

The reason it is better if it is done through CGT is because of trust between artists and also if you work on many projects like let's say 100 projects it becomes time consuming to keep sending money to a work buddy. Also sometimes it makes it confusing for CGT if the same model pops up on multiple accounts.

But yes this way of working means better higher standard models on CGT and that helps boost everyone's reputation, CGT and all the artists will be valued more.

Posted about 4 years ago

This is really a good idea, I thought about something like that myself. But I also think it's important to have a cgtrader system for the money-splitting because even if you are a honest person, it could be challenging to deal with all the probably small amounts of money coming in from the sales. And then, there would probably also be not-so-honest people...

Posted about 4 years ago

Exactly Right ! Angela!!! Thanks for your kind support!

Posted almost 4 years ago

It is a good idea ))

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