Azog The Defiler Fan Art (3D Print)

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Hey Guys! Continuing the work of modeling middle-earth characters, I made my Azog fan art. I hope you like it!


Posted 8 months ago

Coincidentally, we have a discussion going on about "fan art" here in the forums. The sculpt looks good. 25cm is a huge print (9 inches), so some of those high-frequency details should translate ok in an SLS print. Nice model.

Conti3D wrote
Hey, I just left a comment on the "fan art" discussion thanks for letting me know and thanks for the compliment =) I, to be honest, do not worry about this size issue. This one I did with 25cm because Legolas is 20cm, I imagine that Azog is something a little bigger if the person is interested in placing them side by side. The size is something that I make clear in the description of the product that I send along with the original ZTL file so that the person can change anything he does not like, including making other cuts according to the model of his printer. My main focus is the artistic part respecting some concepts such as, for example, not leaving too many thin parts among others.

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