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Hi could you help me , i want to apply loyalty discount for my models , i cant find where i can do it
please write me what i must do step by step
p.s Afterwards i hope my sales will go up


Posted 6 months ago

1. Go to: Settings
2. Scroll down a little bit to see the available options and flag on the "Participate in CGTrader Loyalty Discounts" option
3. Click on "Update information" at the bottom

Posted 6 months ago

Thanks ,but why in my situation is zero ? what i do wrong ?

Posted 6 months ago

I think that loyalty discounts are applied only for products priced 15$ and above.
Otherwise I don't see any logics in discounting 5$ products. Nobody cares about saving 2$. Especially professional customers not.
If you really want to increase your sales you must increase your portfolio size and increase your prices. )))

elmarcg wrote
Thanks for your advice ! True , problem was by price models ! thanks

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