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Hi could you help me , i want to apply loyalty discount for my models , i cant find where i can do it
please write me what i must do step by step
p.s Afterwards i hope my sales will go up


Posted 10 months ago

1. Go to: Settings
2. Scroll down a little bit to see the available options and flag on the "Participate in CGTrader Loyalty Discounts" option
3. Click on "Update information" at the bottom

Posted 10 months ago

Thanks ,but why in my situation is zero ? what i do wrong ?

Posted 10 months ago

I think that loyalty discounts are applied only for products priced 15$ and above.
Otherwise I don't see any logics in discounting 5$ products. Nobody cares about saving 2$. Especially professional customers not.
If you really want to increase your sales you must increase your portfolio size and increase your prices. )))

elmarcg wrote
Thanks for your advice ! True , problem was by price models ! thanks

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