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Hi, It's been 5 days since I started uploading my models on Cgtrader. 71% of the models I sell are in my wallet. Is it possible to raise 71% more? For example, 80% -85%.
Another question: Where can I find a link to my models and send them to Telegram?
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Posted 3 months ago

If you go to your My Models page, you can click on any of your models thumbnail which will open their model page location on CGT website. Just copy and paste the URL to that model page anywhere you want to share it. There's also links on each of your model's pages to share that model with social media sites. Royalty payments are determined by "reputation points" on CGT. The more reputation points you earn, the higher your payout percentage can grow. You can read more about this on CGT support page, or go to this link:


Posted 3 months ago

The difference between 70% or 80% royalties from $2 priced models, will be just a few cents. You would earn much more by setting reasonable price on your models. You don't need fancy math to figure out, that 70% from $10 will always be more than 100% from $2, don't you?

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