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So for 3d scanned models we have a separate category .. the question is, is it better to put scanned model under this special category or does it make more sense to put it to category that actual object belongs to? I guess reasoning behind extra category is for people who look for photorealistic models.. but does potential buyer even know to look to this category?


Posted 9 months ago

Hmmm good question, scanned model is quite special as it's topology may differ from different softwares.
I mean, you can put it in both categories of course but I would personnally upload to scanned.

Posted 9 months ago

Hi Mantas,
I think it doesn't matter where you put your models, because buyers doesn't search by category, but rather by keywords/tags, so if you'll sort your keywords correctly, the buyers eventually will find your models. Categories are meant for casually browsing people mainly and to create illusion of order. Categories are nothing more than special keywords in cgtrader anyway. But if you still want more clarification on categorising, you can think that way - if model is raw scan, then put it under scan category, but if it's processed in any way, then put it under more specific category.

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