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I am a new 3d artist here, and I have some questions.

Is it possible to sell 3d terrains made in SketchUp or maybe 3ds Max ? I have plenty of terrain ideas that've been made (along with some objects and hidden routes especially as game design), but not sure if they are compatible for selling.

How the prices are set , and which format would be the best fit for that?

Thank you.


Posted 4 months ago

Just have a look at some of the material already for sale under the keyword "terrain" to get an idea of what you'd be up against. To answer the question, of course, it's very possible to sell 3d terrains, especially in 3dsmax native file format (most of the models sold here are for 3dsmax). Blender is also an up and coming popular file format, but .max is by far the most popular for sale. I'm not sure about Sketchup, but the more file types you can upload and provide with your product, the better the ranking will be for that product. So upload as many formats as you can. I would, however, make .max the native default to help maximize sales potential.


nexstosic wrote
Thank you a lot for that useful information.

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