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Has anyone ran into any issues with selling 3D models/content of companies that exist? For instance, I uploaded 3D models of Logos of companies such as walgreens, chase bank, chipotle, etc...... and am selling it as a package, But on another turbosquid for instance the content has been removed becuase they will not allow you to sell any logos without the logo being part of an object, no standalone logos basically (due to litigation issues), which I do see tons of them here. Has anyone ever come up any issues with that?

Realistically speaking anything you model that relates to a company and the company is not making money off of it your technically infringing on their proprety rights? which means a huge portion of the models on any 3d modelling website could not exist....

Anybody have any insight into issues like this? I would not want to post any models that could get me sued


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It is illegal. Remove the models with included logos or you could face severe charges.

RobiZ wrote
Does that apply to Copy/Pasted Logo (like image) or even the name modeled into the object?
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I think it depends on policy of individual companies. Some defends their IP vigorously and some didn't care at all. I had couple models that featured some red cattle logo on them and those models were removed from cgtrader pretty quickly.

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You can't use any logos or brands that are copyrighted, regardless of whether they are modeled into the object, or on an image based texture, or anywhere. Even if it's a blurry detail on the bottom corner of a model - if the outline suggests it's Coca-Cola or Rubbermaid, you can be sued. In the game industry, we always alter logos and brands and make up fictional ones (magazine covers, brands, groups, anything that relates to real world.)

I'm not sure what if you create a blueprint based car model with 95% accuracy and use the logo on it, it seems to work on CG sites, but where I work, it's an absolute no to do such.

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Thank you for the responses, I think overall its an interesting topic because on CG im seeing standalone logos of all car manufactuers being sold, but on Turbosquid its not allowed, but you are allowed to sell that manufacturers car with the logo/emblem in it and you can even have it shown on the rims and everything and rendered, which to me equals the same thing, your still using someone elses property, which would then apply to a majority of the models on every single 3d modelling website.

somgabor wrote
I have been wondering about this for a very long time, still unanswered. If you ever come across an answer, please share it here, I'm sure many of us could use that piece of information. I uploaded my car model on here, an altered Mustang with different logo, different letters on its back. (It's in my inventory here). It was deleted, and I was told that Ford had had them remove models, so they deleted mine because they didn't want any problems with Ford. (After we discussed that it wasn't actually a Ford but it looks like it, I was allowed to upload it again.) Yet, on the front cover, I see all kinds of car models with BMW, Honda, etc logos on them. This is one very interesting topic!

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