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Hi all

I am looking to buy a 3D car model for a commercial project but am unsure if the license covers my intended use. I want to use the car model as the main focus of a poster design which will also include some graphic design elements, typography etc around the car model. The final poster will be printed in a quantity of around 250 copies to be sold.

Could someone advise if you are able to use a model in this way? Any help would be much appreciated




Posted about 3 years ago

I think that usage of 3D model (with royalty free licence) in this way should be OK (you cannot only resell the 3D model).
It can be only problem if the car model is branded (BMW etc.). So if you want to make real posters for selling you would maybe need assurance from the brand owner.
But 250 copies is not so big amount so probably you don't have to solve it.
Maybe somebody else give you more info. )))

Posted about 3 years ago

If it's a 3D model of existing real world car, then you have to approach makers of that car (not a 3D model) and obtain permisison for commercial use. If it's a fictional car, the depeding on the license, you should be good to go.

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