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Where should i share my work on social media so more people see my work.

I tried to share on facebook but thre aren't many groups dedicated to 3d jewelry.


Posted about 1 month ago


Promotion of work through social networks is usually inefficient if you aren't a very famous designer.
However, you can try Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and Behance.


Posted about 1 month ago

Promoting models on social media has minimal effect. Much more effective is to invest your energy and time into doing complex, unique (original) or very special models and avoid fully saturated categories like furniture etc.
But from the social media the best choise is pinterest and Twitter (I think).

Posted about 1 month ago

Could try Artstation then you have a portfolio all in one place!

jaguarbeastproduction wrote
Artstation or CGSociety, of course, are quite good platforms, but it is unlikely to help in the promotion of models of jewelry.
Posted 20 days ago

you cam promote your models there in the forum and if people like them maybe you can be more famous

van90 wrote
I'm not sure if clients will be looking through cgtrader forums though. But I'll give it a try
Posted 20 days ago

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will try them out. I tried Facebook but it's mostly people trying to sell or buy stolen models and a lot of scammers. Hopefully posting new models will help.

Posted 18 days ago

Hello, i use instagram so you can see who is looking at your model. sometimes more who follow me but sometimes only from the hashtags, that varies from model to model. but it's just a gimmick :)

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