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if selling models and using vray render . Will that be plugin and should notify this plugin


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Posted about 2 months ago

Technically speaking, V-Ray is a plugin and its usage should be marked, but if you provide more file formats and especially native file with materials for native renderer, then i think it's not neccessary to check "plugins used" checkbox. This is my opinion only and others may not agree with that. In any case, it's always safer to notify customer about all plugins that was used and/or required to reproduce preview renders.

Parri-C wrote
I totally agree with you hahaha
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If you're selling one or more objects with Multi-Subobject materials, you can offer multiple material views for different render engines using the Slate Material Editor. For example, you could offer a model with Vray materials by default, but then also create a different material view for other render engines. Users can quickly replace the Vray materials with Corona, Standard, or whatever engine you are capable of offering if they have that engine. It's a little bit more work, but buyers might appreciate the effort if you mention this in your sale description.

512pixel wrote
rendering with different materials . render in vray may look different to render in standard render. with subsrance painter metal object can develop in seconds . in vray we can spend hours getting metal reflection just sell model that used else were .
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this reason why mentioned rthis i spend hour using environemnt kmap to get my metal right in vray 3ds max. Th custome then my use model in obj blendere maya . the rmodels the same its never changed they will get different results.

I know theres pbr , i dont see pbr exporting that well vray 3ds max

luxxeon wrote
The reason PBR exists is to ensure realistic and relatively consistent looking materials across different platforms. As long as you are providing PBR maps for both metalness and specular workflows and using the maps properly, the customer should be able to reproduce your results with almost any render engine that is PBR compatible. It's industry standard now, so almost every render engine uses at least one of the two universal PBR workflows.

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