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i purchase quite a bit and usually go on sprees with many models.

discounts are obviously interesting so i put some in the cart, even if i dont have the need for it atm.

the problem is that once i put them into the cart, the discount disappears and now i am thinking i should have double checked the items on all purchases i have made through the years.

this is not only disgraceful but also illegal and i am planning to follow it up.

in EU, there is an robust consumer protection which i will be contacting as a first step.


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As far as I understood, you need to wait for real sales (when there is a countdown timer on top of page). This website appears to be on sale 365 days a year, but that's not the case; when there is no sale, you are still seeing sale prices because you have CGTrader credits balance. I'm guessing you are putting many things in the cart and everything appears with sale price. Once your credit balance runs out, you are paying the normal price for the model. So always check your CGTrader credits balance, so you know how much discount you can expect (1 credit = 1 usd). There are items that are on sale 365 days (flash sale), they are marked with a green bolt sign.

vuvujela wrote
How to create flash sale for my product?
Ursa wrote
nice of you to chime in, your are more helpful then the support was. my credit stands at 180 so i dont think this has anything with the credits running out. the whole credit system makes no sense anyway. i just tried to put in the same model i did yesterday, only one in the basket. now the discount applied, the price is down by 30% however, that model does not have a piggybank symbol next to it. this cant be right, can it? ive made screenshots but cannot post them.
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