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Hello, everyone!

We have big news about our changing royalty rates, and we want to give you, our valued creatives, a heads up and a chance to clarify any misunderstandings.

We have always been and be committed to bringing your artwork to the eyes of industry buyers; however, the marketing activities that we can pursue at the moment are rather limited when reaching for new clients. We plan to grow the buyer base further and strengthen visibility of CGTrader by engaging in paid advertising, event marketing activities and expanding our business development team, which requires additional investments, something that the current royalty structure cannot support.

Therefore, we want to inform about the changing the royalty system, the update that will be implemented from September 1, 2016, 12PM GMT. The two main changes include lowering the maximum rate from 90% to 80% and scaling down the royalty rates for all sellers to conform the new 70%-80% range.

The full breakdown of the royalty rates when comparing the old and the new ones new as well as additional information can be found on our blog post here. If you have any questions, ask them, and we’ll do our best to give you a prompt and informative answer.

Best regards,
Eddie, CGTrader


Posted over 2 years ago

No problem guys (and girls ;-)
grow and be better than TS!

Posted over 2 years ago

I believe that this is right move and hope that it will help to overgrow turbosquid in the long run. Maybe then TS will finally realise that soething is wrong with their policy.

Posted over 2 years ago

Still better than TS :)

Posted over 2 years ago

Also ok for me, still very competitive, always felt current royalty rate was maybe a bit too low to get this place going full throttle.

Posted over 2 years ago

well, see the problem from another point of view, as everyone applauded here when you amputate the 10%.

I think those who were hesitant to leave the SquilGuild will now be fixed and will remain exclusive to TS.
And those who hesitated between the high level of royalties from CGT and many sale at TS, will
eventually become exclusive in TS with many sales and 60% royalties.

moreover, deducted taxes (vat) of our sales on CGT decline further net royalties.
while for most of us these taxes don't exist on TS.

I don't usually criticize CGT, especially for the benefit of TS.
I hope SGT team have properly assess the situation. I really hope that this restructuring benefits CGT.

Posted over 2 years ago

Hi Supercigale,

Regarding the taxes, VAT is only applicable to individuals from EU, if a buyer is from non-EU country or is a EU company, then there is no VAT. And if I remember correctly on Turbosquid there is IRS income tax deduced that in many cases can go up to 30%.

Supercigale wrote
Hi Marius now on TS, we can fill an online form that we exempt from taxes (in accordance with the treaties Country options). Ie that TS levied me no tax anymore. That said you're right, CGT VAT apply only to EU countries
Posted over 2 years ago

For the new strategy, to increase the visibility and sales on CGTrader, I think, new royalty rates are ok. Show must go on :)

Posted over 2 years ago

Dear Team GC Trader. I give you three months time, then I pull requests. I caught up quickly in a few months the level Royality Ratee to acceptable levels, only a few models, now to let a lot of top models for my industry. But I'm afraid I'll have to supply them through other channels, because they do not want to be cropped from my hard work and I do not want customers to pay more. Your decision backed me in developing the very beginning.
I'll be out for three months of their publication new models on Your Web, if not improve anything as you promise. Then: Hasta Luego

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