29 Aug 2016

Royalty Structure Change

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Hey there, honorable readers, artists and customers! Changes are a-brewin on CGTrader and we have an important announcement to make. It’s about one of the most significant things (after creative freedom and artistic integrity) for our modelers: the royalty structure. We have several reasons why we’re implementing this change, and all of them have to do with improving the future revenues of our wonderful collective.

From September 1st, 2016, we will be implementing these changes:

  • Changing the royalty rate maximum from 90% to 80%;
  • Scaling down the royalty rates for all sellers to conform the new 70% - 80% range.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new royalty rates in comparison to the old ones:

Royalty Structure Change 1

The changes will be automatically implemented on September 1, 2016, 12PM GMT, which means that all the orders placed after this time will be accounted for by using these new rates. The same system will apply to the job market as well: all the works ordered and started prior September 1, 2016 will be accounted for using the old system, while all the postings and orders made after the date will be subject to the new royalty rates.

This change is the result of our increased focus on building brand awareness on the client side and expanding the buyer base, all of which will benefit modelers in the mid-to-long term. We know that designers love our commission policy, but current royalty structure prevents us from using some of the most effective marketing activities, which in turn leads to lower growth of revenue for you. Our team is planning to engage in paid marketing activities, get involved in industry events more often as well as strengthen the business development team. This change will help us attract buyers much faster, and we estimate that your payout will become even higher in months to come.

If you need any help with updates to your portfolio, please, contact our support team by email info@cgtrader.com. Also, feel free to express your opinion, observations and insights regarding the change in the dedicated forum discussion.