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I am creating rope to wrap around front bumper of a vechile ,, i have created single section of the rope . with 3 cylinder and adding a twist modifier ,I have that duplicated a single section with an array . making larger single piece of rope ......i would like to bend around the bumper . i have image of the section ive developed,, i could use ffd box. ican see that could be alot stretching ,, what method is good method for the rope wwrap around ,,,

please see image attached


Posted about 1 year ago

Create rope from 3-4 cylinders and twist modifier. Create spline around bumper where rope should be, add PathDeform modifier on top of the rope, select spline as path. Play with the settings until you get desirable look.

512pixel wrote
cheeers phantom g that worked your method awesome ,,,check out tyflow
Posted about 1 year ago

Use tyflow...its great for things like rope. There's a free version too........also you can edit the rope on the fly!

512pixel wrote
thks jim plat i take a lookat ty flow
512pixel wrote
i take look at tyflow i dont think the rope geometry can be exported as an obj , used as crossplatform format
JimPlatt wrote
yeah you can.....add a mesh operator to your flow and uncheck render only then collapse the tyflow node into editable poly and whatever is in your sim(rope in this case) will be geometry! Load of tutorials on the youtube you can search out for rope and such like! Give it a whirl.....its much easier than the Pathdeformer in my opinion!

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