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My account was suspended suddenly without any notification

I don't understand why they closed it, I've never sold stolen asset or breaking any rules. My account name is tedpermana

Everything in my store is purely my own, a personal project of 7 years and not tied to any commercial work. If there is a product in common with any party, I can definitely explain and provide evidence that there is no stolen asset in my shop.

But there was no reply to the email I sent to their contact support, and I didn't have a chance to defend my rights as a designer.

For those who can help, please give me a chance because here I am also building a good reputation as a freelance designer.

Thank you


Posted 11 months ago

Thanks for your reply.
I think it was unfair because they didn't warn me in advance if there was a report or something.
And they suspend my account the day before payment, and took all the money from the last month and this month too. It doesn't make sense.

Posted 11 months ago

Of course it makes sense.
All thieves should learn that if they try to sell other peoples hard work they will be punished.
The license agreement everybody signs on joining is enough of warning in advance.

Posted 11 months ago

CGTRADER LIKE Just waiting for Users who have get money in next month, now what , account your full money is going to CGTRADER ACCOUNT. no need explnation, no argument , no mails. If you write about cgtrader in forum, they also your account suspended too. so beware.

replicantarts wrote
Yeah thats exactly whats is happening, they probably are running out of business and are taking all they can away before declaring bankrupt.
Posted 11 months ago

Hey Dimiter Enev,

I pray for god, that one day your account is suspended for perminate. It doesn't happen, it's mean that you have too close of cgtrader.

Posted 11 months ago

Trimitek from bulgaria , Cgtrader from Vilnius, Lithuania(Eruope)
Guess what , they keep users only there own countries.....

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