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I can just write "Read the agreement you had signed when you joined CGT!" and that will be an absolutely correct answer, but here is the most common reason:

You had uploaded a 3D model or texture that you do not own and/or do not have the rights to redistribute (sell or offer for free).

Disclaimers and tips:
1. You are not allowed to publish for sale (or for free) models (or textures) that you had found somewhere on the internet.
Some of them may be free to use, but not to redistribute.
Putting such model in your scene does not make it your property!
You can only do that if you have permission from the original author.

2. Modifying somebody else model also does not make it your property and you are not allowed to sell it.

3. Be very careful if you hire somebody to make a model for you and you plan to put it in a scene you will sell. You may receive a stolen model and in the end you are the one who upload that model on CGT. By the agreement you had signed, you are personally responsible for what you upload and you will be the one that gets banned.

In short - to be safe, always upload only things you had created yourself.
Oh.. and also use legally obtained license for the software you use.

Pleading and claiming you didn't know or you did this by accident is not considered as an excuse, mainly because every thief claims that and that can be exploited if allowed.
I hope you understand.

Stay safe.


Posted 5 months ago

Very good tips of trimitek. I'd like to add one though:

If you use other models / backgrounds / effects or whatever in your promotion - renders (which is allowed in many cases, like for example for all DAZ / Reallusion content) it is a good idea to make a statement in your descriptions that they are not included inside your product (what is definitely not allowed).

Posted 5 months ago

Thanks for a such information!

Mineral3D wrote
There are lot of folks on here who seem to need pretty darn good information like that. A rising number as it looks like.
Exact-3D wrote
Many people did not read carefully or ignore such agreement. Unfortunately they sell stolen models and in a short time earn some good money...
Posted 3 months ago

Here is more elaborate explanation with examples: https://resources.turbosquid.com/general-info/general-information-faqs/copyright-faq/

Posted 15 days ago

Thanks for this useful information

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