Is it possible to edit the model?

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Am I allowed to modify a royalty-free model and combine it with other models to create a new model?

I will render it in the end.

I will use the image as part of my poster design and publish it on social media.

Thank you for your help


Posted 21 days ago

Just because it is royalty free it doesn't mean that you can modify it without permission and claim it as your own work. There are different licenses for models. You can ask the creator of the original model for permission.

Posted 21 days ago

@Tazman2000 I don't want to sound like a jerk or something, but can you please stop sharing misinformation on the forum, and stop commenting on the things that you have no knowladge about wich lead peoples who need help in the wrong direction for no reason. As far as modifying royalty free models goes, its allowed as long as author of the topic doesn't sell his product with those models included.

Posted 20 days ago

Sorry. I didn't realize you were the expert here. I was under the conception that with the Creative Commons License the work may be protected, even under the term Royalty Free.

Posted 20 days ago

So royalty free means copyright free?

LemonadeCG wrote
Royalty free means that you don't have to pay royalties to the author every time when you use the model. Unlike with Creative Commons licenses, you don't have to attribute model's author either. Standard royalty free license on cgtrader does allow content modification, as long as you don't try to resell whole, or part of the model.
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I understand the basis of Royalty Free. There are some restrictions on items on other websites that are "Royalty Free", that say it can only be used 500K times and can have limits on how they can be manipulated?
For instance, you can download a Royalty free picture on a website, of a person. You can manipulate the photo making it black and white, enhance colours, or other basic changes, however you can't change it to give the person some sort of skin condition or disease, or change it to put in political, statements. Different websites can put in restrictions for their Royalty Free items.
So below is CGTrader's Royalty Free rules. I don't see a statement of being able to modify the model. Does that mean if it is not expressly stated, then it is expressly forbidden?

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