How to make the payment agreement without an attached file

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Hey everyone, I have a serious problem with attaching a file about myself because I don't have any. To be honest my country isn't very good so even at my age I cant get and ID and I don't even need a drivers license to drive everything is run down so when i tried last year the guys told me to come back in 6 months did that and he asked for a huge bribe which obviosuly I wasn't willing to give so now that I want to sign the payment agreement I have to attach a file like my drivers license or passport or anything but I don't have any of them and i need the money from 3d modelling.

Sorry for making this so long and boring but please anyone out there with ideas


Posted 4 months ago

I'm afraid you can't receive money without a valid ID.

Posted 4 months ago

even if you can not yet get a ID, a passport should not be age restricted right?
is it impossible to get one of those too?

Posted 4 months ago

Very good find of Phantom Design! :) - And the description of the Ferrari model would be hilarious if the model wasn't stolen.

Posted 4 months ago

No one can get through payment agreement without an ID. That's why the payment agreement is there in the first place.

Posted 4 months ago

When your accounts has been busted so many times, that you ran out of friends and family members with available personal IDs...

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