How to archive textures

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CGtrader makes it practically impossible for new users to know how to archive images, such a simple concept and yet I'm here digging for the answer


Posted 9 months ago

what is the question? Are you doing this from your 3D package? Putting them into your Library for future use? Explain the question more clearly.

Posted 9 months ago

if you mean to upload to the site I use modelname_000, modelname_001 etc.....and all texture files are zipped!

JimPlatt wrote
Sorry didn't read your title 'archive textures' keep them the same in relation to your model so that if someone wants to open the native file, they link to models textures! I'd label them clearly tho so that a buyer can easily know what they are for such basecolour, Bump, normal, etc but as far as I'm aware I don't think there is a set standard for textures! Other than a best practice perhaps!
Posted 8 months ago

How to archive textures


Quote: know how to archive images...

textures and images are different things, textures can be zipped and uploaded when uploading your item and declared as "textures". Images are considered as preview images and were uploaded directly as .jpg, .png etc to the "preview images" section automatically when you use the upload field "Drag & Drop files here or browse".

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